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Siggy's Emporium LLC

Gifts for pets and their people.

For my wonderful husband, Jeff Michaud . . .


by Alannah Joy Michaud

The stars will all align for you,

Somehow I know they will;

Please don't lose your faith just yet,

For hope is with you still.

Don't hang your head down in despair,

Don't let it hold you back;

It's what you hold inside of you,

Despite how cards are stacked.

So if your sun's behind your clouds,

And you can't see the light;

I promise you the sun is there,

So stand your ground and fight.

Don't give up, and don't give in,

But mostly, don't lose heart;

Give it all the best you can,

And simply do your part.

Keep your chin held high, my friend,

No matter what you do;

Know that I am on your side,

I always will be, too.

(c) 2018 by Alannah Joy Michaud