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Siggy's Emporium LLC

Gifts for pets and their people.

For my amazing four-footed children . . .


by Alannah Joy Michaud

I could really win it big,

Yet somehow still be poor;

I could always have it all,

And want it all and more.

I could be a millionaire,

Yet never have a dime;

I could live a hundred years,

And still run out of time.

I could own a mansion,

Hold the key to every room;

The sun could shine forever,

I could feel impending doom.

I could drive a sports car,

I could own a private jet;

I could win the jackpot,

But sometimes I forget.

All these things are of this world,

When push comes down to shove;

It doesn't matter what I own,

I'll always have your love.

(c) 2018 by Alannah Joy Michaud